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Our History

Our History

At Queijaria Guilherme we make fine cheeses…

Located in the middle of Baixo Alentejo, in Monte Vale de Faia, near Serpa, Queijaria Guilherme (Guilherme’s cheese factory) began its activity in 2001, following a family tradition in the artisanal manufacture of cheese.

This ancestral wisdom was complemented by the provision of facilities, cutting-edge technology, safety certifications, high quality standards and adequate human resources that enabled it to achieve sustainable growth at all levels in order to become a benchmark in its field of activity.

Our Products

The success of our products begins with the monitoring and strict control of the production of milk collected from selected producers in the surrounding region, in order to ensure the best milk for our cheeses.

With modern installations successively expanded and IFS FOOD V7 certified, Queijaria Guilherme operates with two independent production lines:

Sheep milk line

  • Serpa PDO cheese
  • Cured sheep cheese
  • Buttery sheep cheese
  • Creamy sheep cheese
  • Sheep butter
  • Whey cheese

Goat milk line

  • Fresh cheese
  • Light fresh cheese
  • Cured goat cheese
  • Goat butter

As a dynamic company, Queijaria Guilherme has been innovating in the development and periodic introduction of new products.

Queijaria Guilherme’s products have been awarded prizes at various fairs and events, with particular emphasis on Queijo Serpa PDO (Protected Designation of Origin), of which it is the largest producer, as well as Goat Fresh Cheese.

Our success is complemented by the special relationship of trust and professionalism that we have developed with our retail customers and end consumers.

Where to find our products

In Portugal, through our own distribution channels or those of resale customers, our products can be found in selected traditional shops, gourmet products stores, as well as in most well-known retail stores.

Where to find us abroad

As a result of the excellent reputation gained in the national market for the quality of its products and its efficient production capacity, Queijaria Guilherme is also present in the export market, with high growth potential.

Mission & Values

Promote the region

Queijaria Guilherme’s mission is to offer its customers high quality products, maintaining a strong regional and traditional character, valuing the Alentejo region in which it is located, as well as the country.

Quality and innovation

Having received several awards and distinctions, Queijaria Guilherme aims to maintain and refine the quality of its products, in addition to innovating, regularly introducing new products, in order to meet the new demands for quality products.

Domestic expansion and export

Queijaria Guilherme has been gradually expanding its distribution nationwide, with the aim of covering the entire country, and at the same time exporting, especially to Europe and the Americas.