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Queijaria Guilherme (Guilherme’s cheese factory) works with a rigorous planning in all its areas, being endowed with various certifications at corporate and environmental level, which has allowed it a proven sustainable growth.


A special relationship is cultivated with a selected nucleus of dairy farms, with close follow-up of methods, herd health and pasture richness, so that the best quality milk is always available.

Specialized Professionals

Queijaria Guilherme has a team of specialized professionals who are duly supported and trained in maintaining high levels of satisfaction, which contribute every day to maintain the quality of their products.

Commercial and logistics

In addition to the production and storage facilities, special attention is also given to the commercial and logistics area, in order to maintain high standards of performance in the relationship with its national and foreign customers.

Ecological Awareness

Equipped with a waste treatment plant as well as the use of alternative energies, Queijaria Guilherme is a proven example of the importance of environmental and ecological awareness.